Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review of Canine Genius Leo Toys


Moderately strong rubber for the Extra Strength Leo. Supervised play is recommended with both strengths, but especially for the Regular strength Leo.

Comes in two sizes. The Mini Leo is recommended for toy breeds under 15 pounds, however my Boston Terrier had NO problem lugging around the larger size. Bounces erratically like a Kong and can also be linked together with other Leos of the same size for added fun. Leos have three star shaped holes that can be used for treat dispensing when rolled around by your four legged friend. Treats can be added through a hole in the top of the toy. Smaller treats and kibble fall out easily though, but it still makes for a challenging way to get the prize inside!

The Leo for SM/MED/LG dogs is priced at $18.95 + S&H. The Mini Leo for toy dogs under 15 pounds is priced at $12.95 +S&H. Both can be ordered off the Canine Genius website. They offer several colors including Orange and Blue.

The Leo is a great toy for playing fetch, dispensing treats, and can even be used for feeding in place of a conventional dog bowl. This option is great for the busy bee always searching for activity!! As always a tired dog is a good dog and Canine Genius has come up with a versatile toy that both of my dogs enjoyed. The long neck allows for a nice distance toss during a game of fetch, and for the chewer it allows for a great foot hold!!



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